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Guy Taylor

Hi, I'm Guy Taylor, Artist, Designer and Art Educator in Tucson Arizona

I am caught between being something of a non-representationalist and something of a story teller. I prefer the tradition of allusion and implication to straight out unambiguous exposition.

I have lived in the Southwest for most of my life and feel a strong connection to the sky, the land and the social outlook of independent often contrary westerners.

Guy Taylor's Background

Guy Taylor's Experience

Elementary Art Teacher at Armstrong Academy Elementary School

January 1994 - January 1996

Contractor-Industrial Designer at Gulfstream Aerospace

January 1996 - January 1994

Contractor-Industrial Designer at Gulfstream Aerospace

January 1993 - January 1994

Contractor Graphic Design at Solar Energy Research Institute

January 1984 - January 1985

Industrial Designer at Storage Technology Corporation

January 1980 - January 1984

Senior Designer at Envel Design

January 1976 - January 1979

Art Specialist K-5 at Sunnyside Unified School District

August 1999

Co Owner at Self Employed (Business)

June 1967

Guy Taylor's Education

The University of Arizona

Concentration: Art Education, Anthopology of art

Woodbury University

Concentration: Interior Design

Pima Community College

Concentration: Social Science, Buddhist Studies, Design

Northern Arizona University

Concentration: Theatre

Guy Taylor's Interests & Activities

I am interested in culture and identity at both the individual and societal levels. I am interested in the principals of design: Composition, Balance, Proportion, Repetition, Dominance, Harmony, Contrast, Unity, Variety. I am interested in allusion and narrative. I enjoy activities of researching and writing about interesting ideas concerning humanity, as well as designing and making Art and Jewelry

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