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Guy Taylor

Hi, I'm Guy Taylor, Artist, Designer and Art Educator in Tucson Arizona

I am caught between being something of a non-representationalist and something of a story teller. I prefer the tradition of allusion and implication to straight out unambiguous exposition.

I have lived in the Southwest for most of my life and feel a strong connection to the sky, the land and the social outlook of independent often contrary westerners.

Guy Taylor's Background

Guy Taylor's Experience

Art Specialist K-5 at Sunnyside Unified School District

August 1999

Co Owner at Self Employed (Business)

June 1967

Elementary Art Teacher at Armstrong Academy Elementary School

January 1994 - January 1996

Contractor-Industrial Designer at Gulfstream Aerospace

January 1996 - January 1994

Contractor-Industrial Designer at Gulfstream Aerospace

January 1993 - January 1994

Contractor Graphic Design at Solar Energy Research Institute

January 1984 - January 1985

Industrial Designer at Storage Technology Corporation

January 1980 - January 1984

Senior Designer at Envel Design

January 1976 - January 1979

Guy Taylor's Education

Northern Arizona University

Concentration: Theatre

The University of Arizona

Concentration: Art Education, Anthopology of art

Woodbury University

Concentration: Interior Design

Pima Community College

Concentration: Social Science, Buddhist Studies, Design

Guy Taylor's Interests & Activities

I am interested in culture and identity at both the individual and societal levels. I am interested in the principals of design: Composition, Balance, Proportion, Repetition, Dominance, Harmony, Contrast, Unity, Variety. I am interested in allusion and narrative. I enjoy activities of researching and writing about interesting ideas concerning humanity, as well as designing and making Art and Jewelry

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